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Hey, I’m Julien Devoir. I'm an experienced full stack marketer focused about users & revenue Growth. The reason I get up in the morning is growth. It's really that simple!

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About Me


Julien Devoir

Growth Hacker

Before to live a perfect life in a perfect world with a perfect wife in French Riviera, I decided to do a trip around the world to meet entrepreneurs and support startups to find traction & growth. Here is my journey and the fantastic projects I worked for.

What I'm Doing

Growth Marketing
Product design
User experience

My Skills Values

Areas I worked for



  • Growth Hacking
  • Product design
  • User experience
  • Retention
  • Mobile App
  • User Acquisition
  • SEO Strategy
  • UX and UI Design
  • Web Analytics
  • Onboarding users
  • Lean Marketing
  • Viral loop
  • Paid Acquisition
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

We worked together

My journey around the world

January to May 2017 San Francisco, USA
YCombinator Program w/ @Moneytis

Doing the YCombinator acceleration program with Moneytis in the heart of the Silicon Valley. You can be sure I'm currently working or sleeping right now.

Growth Hacker San Francisco
June to December 2016 Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon Challenge Program w/ @Moneytis

We created Destinesia, the place to stop by for all digital nomads coming to Lisbon, free housing. We met many people from different horizons. We also participated to the Lisbon Challenge program, where they awarded us the best startup team of the program.

Growth Hacker Lisbon
December 2015 to May 216 Amsterdam, Netherlands
ING Innovation Accelarator Program w/ @Moneytis

Joined Moneytis startup to help them reach traction and growth. We created Neomy, an acquisition tool for Moneytis.

Growth Hacker Amsterdam
April to December 2015 Paris, France
Growth Marketer @MolotovTV

Growth Strategy from scratch for this trending new project about television

Growth Hacker Paris
November 2014 to March 2015 Genève, Switzerland
Virtua Agency

Joined Virtua, the biggest web agency of french Switzerland, to help them create and develop the growth department of their brand new incubator of startups.

Growth Hacker San Francisco

Educational Value

University Of Design

Master Degree of Design

2005 - 2006
University Of Design

Master Degree of Design

2005 - 2006
University Of Design

Master Degree of Design

2005 - 2006
University Of Design

Master Degree of Design

2005 - 2006

Hobbies & Interest

Web Research
Book Reading

Introducing my work

Currently creating my portfolio, come back soon.

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  • Worldwide citizen - Currently in San Francisco
  • Email: hello(at)juliendevoir(dot)io
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